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Welcome To My Site ! My Theme Of This Week Is ...

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured , why not me, too ?

I'll mainly use this site to post lots of my totally crappy stuff :P - but pics of my friends yadeyadeya !
This is my website , so if you don't like it , you know where you can go !
        Luv Ya ! Jackie x-x-x

Love You All!

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my website .

27/11/04 - Alritey there ! The music and video files have magically fixed themselves :S .. but still good anyway ! :D Now I will probs have more interest if it keeps this up lol , Peace xx
14/10/04 - Hey Hey peeps ! Long time no see :P Changed the look of the webbie but unfortunately i can't seem to change any songs and video files :( stupid error on page lol , hopefully it will fix itself soon , peace xx
11/08/04 - Changed the theme of the week - I've done a few bits and bobs but nothing major , just trying to keep this up and running and enjoyable for everyone lol , Peace xx
28/06/04 - Yay ! Site finally up and running , Hopefully gonna edit it a bit more when i have time .


Be Sure To Tell Me What You Think Of My Site !