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Here are some pictures of my friends.


Here are my two best mates , Rachel & Nicole - I don't know what i'd do without you girls !  Luv Ya Guys ! xx


Here's Jen Jen & Me ! - Now she can be a tut sometimes .. Just like me ! Hehe :P


Here is Sarah . She's been a good mate to me , dunno what i'd do without ya ! Luv Ya ! xx 'Chanel 05 ! ... Aluuuuurrr !' Hehe :P


Here is 'The Gang' ! From the top we have Michelle , Natasha , Rachel , Me , Jen Jen , Sarah And Nicole ! Luv Ya All ! xx


And here is Rob ! This is the only pic i could get of him , but I will get another one soon ! Hehe watch out , i've got my camera in sight Rob ! And yes I do count you as a friend , a good one at that lol , Luv Ya ! xx

Friends Webbies !