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To the people that make me happy ! I think i will have to change these often cause i don't think i can make anymore , but here's to all of you guys !

To All My Friends - I Love You Guys So Much !


Some of the people i'd like to put here i can't because i haven't got any pics of them , or i want proper ones lol .
James - We've so got on in the last week it's been unreal! And yesterday was so funny, thanks for making it great :) Love Ya xxxx
Kielty - You been a good friend to me so far and i hope we see eachother again ! If we do , saturday should be funny :P Lmao Happy Dreamer ! Luv Ya xx
Jimmy - I really need to talk to you more ! We've had a drop in chat man ! Lol bum de de bum de de bum bum bum colon d :P Hehe ! Luv Ya xx

Rachel - You've always been there for me , and your a great friend ! Luv Ya xx
Nicole - I've known you for ages , we've had our moments but we sort it out in the end ! Luv Ya xx
Sarah - My big cuddly huggy bear ! Your a cool gurl and i hope we stay friends after school ! Luv Ya xx
Jenny & Michelle - You guys are both nutty as eachother , but you make me laugh ! Luv Ya xx
Laura - Ahh man we have jks in history with Mr.Pervo ! Lmao memba 'saggy boobs' down the mic ! Hehe Luv Ya xx
Emre - You've been a great friend to me lately, and we always have SUCH a laugh together! I can't believe what you just told me on the fone either, lmao caught on the bog quite literally! Luv Ya xx
Matt - Even though i've only got to know you this past year, it's been really cool! And I loved friday too, winding up people is such great fun! Hehe Luv Ya xx
Tash - My drunk buddy! It's a shame they stuck you on water afterwards! I hope you weren't sick after Friday lol, You've been a great mate to me and I hope we get drunk more often! Hehe Luv Ya xx