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More Of The Guys !


This is my cool friend Jorge a.k.a Mr.Shades - well for the mo anyway :P , he always cheers me up :) Dunno what i'd do without you ! Luv Ya ! xx - P.S - Bug :P Hehe


Me and my friend Daniel at Nicole's Birthday Treat - Man we always get red eye ! Lol Luv Ya xx
(Tell Me What You Think , Red ... or Black Better ? Lol :P)


This is David , Jorge's best friend - I hope you guys meet up again cause i wanna see you on webcam ! Lol Luv Ya xx


Me and my good mate Lungi ! She's a great mate and i love walking home with her - And she likes playing with arms ! Hehe :P Luv Ya xx


Aww ! Here's me and my lil bro Stevie :P Don't I .. Oops I mean we look cute ? :P


This is my bro's mate , Mickey . I've met him a few times , he's a funny guy and he's cool - Listens to the same music as me :D Lol Luv Ya ! xx


Hey Hey Jimmy ! You knew i was gonna put you up here at some point :P So here you are ! I value you so much as a friend , i dunno what i'd do without ya ! Luv Ya Mofo :P ! xx
P.S - You didn't think I was gonna keep Donkey up forever did you ? :P


Me and my good mate Kylie - You tut ! Hehe :P Luv Ya Tut ! xx


The 2nd Gang ! - From the top we have Matt , Shell , Laura , Lungi , Lucy , Jenny , Rachel , Me (The Gonk :P) , Niro , Kylie & Sarah !

Blah !  Hehe :P