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Friends Photo Page 6

What can I say? I just LOVE pictures!


Here's Croft looking like a noodle! Lol he rules! Luv Ya xxxx


Here's Kielty the chav looking smart for my mum - yes he has had his hair cut! Luv Ya xx


Aww me and Saz! Ich sauge staub! *vroo* Hehe Luv Ya xxx


This was taken two weeks ago if i remember correct... John and me! Before I got drunk..whoopsie! Hehe Luv Ya xx


Kirby-Iraqui(jks! - blame Mr.D-B lol) and me! Lol Luv Ya xx - P.S : Sorry for all this mess! :S


Omg Rach and Me! We were both drunk.. I think - I know I was! Hehe Luv Ya xx

x-x Jacky! x-x